In a move to address the rapid shift from traditional broadcast contribution and distribution technologies to IP and the Cloud, MediaKind and Net Insight have entered into a partnership to build an end-to-end cloud-first IP video distribution system for broadcasters and video distributors.



The partnership further strengthens MediaKind’s video processing, packaging, and delivery products by integrating Net Insight’s Nimbra Edge, offering users an end-to-end distribution capability to ingest efficiently, route, process, and distribute live content in high quality with low latency and in various formats. The combined solution provides stream protection with end-to-end encryption and state-of-the-art authentication, authorization, and auditing capabilities.

Nimbra Edge is a cloud-native platform for IP media workflows with a solid foundation on reliability and resilience while providing seamless usability and an open solution in terms of cloud deployments, transport protocols, and third-party integrations.

The joint solution integrates MediaKind’s RX1 professional receiver-decoder and CE1 cloud-ready contribution encoder with the Aquila Live cloud-based processing and delivery head-end, supplying a reliable method for broadcasters and event producers to transmit video from live event venues to the cloud. MediaKind’s RX1 and CE1 devices, combined with the processing power of the Aquila Live head-end and the operational ease of use of Net Insight’s Nimbra Edge, exemplify both companies’ leadership in the broadcast and live video distribution markets.

MediaKind Aquila Live guarantees the highest quality of live video, supporting MPEG-2, H.264, HEVC formats, and all standard streaming and broadcast protocols. The platform is compatible with various ingest formats, including SMPTE 2022 and SMPTE ST 2110, providing flexibility for broadcasters and live event producers. Aquila Live is available as software, hardware-accelerated appliance, or public and private cloud instance to accommodate diverse deployment scenarios.

Boris Felts, Chief Product Officer, MediaKind, commented: “We are excited to announce our partnership which combines Net Insight’s Nimbra Edge with MediaKind’s Emmy award-winning Aquila Live head-end and RX1 and CE1 edge processing platforms. Together, we are accelerating the migration to cloud video processing and all IP video distribution.”

“Our two companies aim to enhance and simplify customers’ live video workflows and content delivery, leveraging cloud-native technologies and our combined expertise,” says Per Lindgren, Group CTO at Net Insight. “This partnership will further strengthen the market position for both MediaKind and Net Insight.”