Vizrt XR Venue2

Vizrt XR Venue, a cloud and subscription-based implementation of the Viz Arena 5 augmented reality (AR) graphics software, is now released as a new set of tools for sports broadcasters, developed to enhance content with live virtual 3D graphics.

Vizrt XR Venue is one of the Vizrt Extended Reality Suites that Vizrt designed for cloud-based deployment on subscription. XR Venue is comprised of the Viz Arena AR sports graphics application, Viz Engine renderer and compositor, and Viz Artist graphic design software.

This release also means XR Venue can access and take advantage of Vizrt's unified IO platform, a software framework devoted to better quality live virtual graphics and improving sports video, into the future. It continuously releases new developments through Viz Engine. Maintaining AR development as a platform builds a consistent, robust base for flexible production integrations and supports new high-resolution and IP video formats as they emerge.

Vizrt XR Venue3

The precision of high-resolution video formats is an advantage for AR and live virtual enhancements, since they rely on live camera tracking and keying. The result is more realistic, integrated graphics. Today, live sports events are frequently produced in high-resolution, high quality formats like UHD or HDR. The ability to support those formats means that Viz Arena, and Viz Venue, can produce data-driven graphics and enhancements that are of the same high visual quality as the video content and, as a result, are more engaging.

The unified IO increases flexibility and scalability to produce either upstream while still at the venue, or later in a downstream workflow at the studio. Users also have a choice of playout – fill and key or a pre-composited video signal for specific production workflows. The output can be supplied to the mixer as a separate source and added directly on top of the program feed, which suits a wider range of output requirements and virtualised, remote or other workflows.

Vizrt XR Venue

The hardware for XR Venue is now consistent with regular Viz Engine hardware, including the newly certified Dell R7920 for mobile, compact setups. This will make adopting Viz Venue’s functionality simpler for existing users.