Upgrade Meets Demands for Faster, Secure Remote Work

Frameio 3 6 PK Watermark

Watermark ID v3.6 has now been released and a new application called Transfer is available in beta. In particular, v3.6 includes functionality to support the remote workforce, with a focus on speed and security. For example, Transfer accelerates project downloads, Watermark ID improves security for Enterprise accounts, and iOS Offline Mode and Folder Sharing continue the system’s support for collaboration. is a cloud-based video collaboration platform, that centralises all media assets in one place that is secured but also accessible from anywhere in the world. The platform integrates with mainstream professional video tools, serving as the hub for all types of teams and projects. Transfer (Beta) is a new standalone app that has released early as a beta to support users’ sudden transitions to remote workflows. In this beta version so far, Mac and Windows users can download large files, complex customised folder structures, and whole projects with one click. Active downloads can be monitored as they run, and the order can be re-prioritised with drag and drop.

Frameio 3 6 PK Transfers Transfer

EDLs or XMLs may be used to download specific files, which is a convenient way to accelerate relinking to original camera files for final conforms, colour grading or sharing VFX assets. If internet conditions are unstable and the connection is lost during a download, Transfer pauses and then automatically resumes as soon as the system reconnects.

Remote work has made secure sharing of high-value content an on-going concern. Enterprise users can now protect presentation and review links with Login-only access, which means that no one outside of your account can access your links. Recipients will see a list of everything you have shared with them in the new Inbox, which gives them a clean and focused view that is useful for busy clients or executives. 3.6 has a real-time approach to watermarking called Watermark ID. When a viewer presses ‘Play’, completes a realtime, on-demand transcode of the video with his or her personal identifying information burned into each frame. The viewer does not have to wait, and editors do not have to export a particular watermarked version just for review and protection purposes. A two-hour video starts playing back in less than two seconds.

Users can set up text blocks with name, date, location, email, IP addresses and other details, and by using the text styling controls you can set the look and add behaviours like scrolling. It’s also simple to save custom templates so that a whole organisation can use them.

Frameio 3 6 PK After Effects

An update to's After Effects integration allows rendering and uploading After Effects compositions in the background while you continue working on the project.

Finally, users can now add folders to Review Links, allowing them to organise and share assets across teams or projects. Any changes made to folders after they are shared are dynamically updated in the Review Link. This is especially useful for teams who produce episodic content or programming that relies on a library of media.

It is also faster and easier to organize assets with an improved Move-to and Copy-to process. Previously, moving a file to another folder or project meant moving it one level at a time. Now, you can right-click the file and specify the destination directly.

Frameio 3 6 PK Inbox

Secure, focussed Inbox

An Offline Mode has been added for’s iOS apps so that users can still work from locations without an internet connection. Tapping a file makes it available offline. You can then review it and leave comments. As soon as the app comes back online, the comments are automatically synced to the project. v3.6 consolidates notifications made on the same video within short periods of time, grouping them together into one notification. Users can filter by Read or Unread, see comment previews, and scrub asset thumbnails to easily spot what needs to be reviewed or addressed.