Jigsaw24 Uses EditShare EFSv to Expand Via24 Cloud Media Services

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Jigsaw24, an IT reseller and service provider in the UK, has launched a series of cloud production services to support remote and on-set editorial through video-over-IP and PC-over-IP workflows. Called Via24, it virtualises core production studio hardware and enables high speed, long distance file transfers, either for remote work or final delivery. It also supports most of the third-party software that teams use for editing, audio mixing, VFX and grading, combined with security capabilities such as file auditing.

These components result in an open cloud platform with nearly everything needed to run production workflows in the cloud. The fact that it is vendor-agnostic is attractive to Jigsaw24’s customers who generally need to use many different applications in order to finish projects. “We serve a market that has a lot of independent creatives hired for their talent, not the tools they use. Being able to make open systems available that allow creative freedom is essential to our business,” David Skeggs said, Head of Business Management at Jigsaw24.

EFSv Foundation

Via 24 is based on EditShare EFS shared storage, virtualised as the new EFSv platform. Jigsaw24 has become the first UK-based EditShare reseller to deploy EFSv, using it to virtualise their production and editing workflows in the AWS cloud. With all of the EditShare EFS functionality accessed through the cloud, including project sharing, editing and bin locking, users can build a virtual facility in a short time, with enough computing power to complete projects in the cloud. It includes EditShare’s Flow media management and remote production workflow tools. 

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As a cloud-native application, EFSv has native drivers that avoid IT restrictions and deliver media performance in virtual environments. It can expand multi-vendor remote production and post functionality because, instead of being installed on an OS or server, EFSv runs on a cloud infrastructure. Cloud-native applications define and work within their environment by interacting directly with the cloud.

Virtual Storage, Tools, Management

Among Via 24’s services built on EFSv is Media Cloud Storage access, used to move backups and archive projects to the cloud so that tier 1 storage can be used more efficiently. Accelerated file transfers move files whenever and wherever required. Remote Production Services make the customer’s resources available remotely, supporting temporary external locations and collaboration, and increasing capacity without changing the footprint.

Alternatively, the Virtual Editing Service gives a team remote access to most types of editing software a job may require –  without needing dedicated, full professional workstations. Users can set up lightweight edit stations on location. Finally, the Cloud Control and Management services take over monitoring and cloud resource management, optimising utilisation and performance.

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David Skeggs said, “Of all the remote production and media management solutions in the cloud, EFSv enables workflows for customers who need to support a number of editorial tools. Built for content creators, EFSv makes it possible to move directly from one creative tool to the next with underlying functions for customising specific media workflows.

“Jigsaw24 is not only about making a choice of tools available, but also about having the experience and expertise to deliver that choice within a workflow. We have been involved with EditShare for some years, designing comprehensive workflows as well as working in cloud infrastructure to transition customers’ on-premise machine rooms to data centres in the cloud. EFSv will enable us to deploy a broader range of cloud workflows serving use cases that were previously not achievable.”    www.editshare.com