FilmLight and Pomfort created a bridge between production and post via an integration and exchange of looks supporting consistent colour management from on-set grading to finishing.

Filmlight pomfort integration

Pomfort and FilmLight have been closely collaborating on an integration of their software with a result that brings together look-related production processes on set and in post-production. Pomfort’s on-set digital imaging software Livegrade Studio 5.5 now integrates directly with the FilmLight colour environment.

A new dedicated grading mode in Livegrade Studio allows grading in FilmLight’s colour pipeline and the exchange of looks via FilmLight’s proprietary file format BLG. Their combined expertise supports consistent colour management across a production from on-set grading to dailies creation and finishing.

FilmLight BLG Grading Mode

Filmlight pomfort

Round-trip with Livegrade Studio’s FilmLight BLG grading mode and Daylight/ Baselight via BLG import and export.

Steve Chapman, Co-founder and Director at FilmLight said, “Livegrade 5.5’s new support for BLG files creates a simple, elegant way for colourists and cinematographers to exchange and refine sophisticated looks. Livegrade’s ability to load and export BLG files makes it possible to integrate directly with Daylight or Baselight software, as the full grading stack can be automatically asserted by matching media metadata with the metadata stored within each BLG.”

With Livegrade Studio now enabling productions to start consistent look management in FilmLight’s colour pipeline on set, both technical and creative roles can receive advantages. Livegrade Product Manager Wanja Nolte said, “The FilmLight Integration means that Livegrade Studio users can work natively in the FilmLight colour pipeline, establishing a consistent pipeline across the whole production. Furthermore, the BLG import/export allows roundtripping with FilmLight applications involved in dailies creation and finishing. It’s an effective way to pass on look metadata, because the BLG preserves the technical parameters as well as the creative decisions made on set.”

Show Look

Filmlight pomfort2

A look from Livegrade Studio’s FilmLight BLG grading mode transferred to Daylight/Baselight preserving all layers with editable parameters

A show look designed in FilmLight’s Daylight or Baselight can now be imported into Livegrade Studio as a BLG file. FilmLight’s specific input and output transform parameters, such as Input Color Space and Working Color Space, as well as output transform parameters DRT and Viewing Color Space, can be used natively and exported for further processing. Further grading layers of the look are merged into a Grade node within Livegrade’s grade editor. On export, all layers in the grade stack are automatically preserved in the BLG file, making sure that they will be fully editable in succeeding applications.

With its particular set of grading controls, Livegrade Studio can adjust all imported BLG looks via ASC-CDL corrections. CDL nodes added in Livegrade Studio are also transferred into the BLG file, so that the DP’s creative decisions regarding the on-set look remain editable in dailies creation and finishing. As footage delivered to FilmLight’s Baselight is now consistent and much closer to the DP’s creative intent, colourists can devote more time to polishing the look and making aesthetic enhancements.