ARRI Zoom Main Unit ZMU-4 offers flexible connectivity and control


1 ARRI Zoom Main Unit ZMU 4 Application Shot

ARRI iZoom Main Unit ZMU-4, a modern version of the classic and ubiquitous zoom control. Rugged, weather-resistant, and ergonomically designed, the ZMU-4 seamlessly transitions between wired and wireless configurations enables versatile, clutter-free camera builds and faster on-set workflows.

• Easy switch between wired and wireless operation
• Camera and lens motor control combined in one unit
• Exchangeable radio modules for challenging environments
• Wireless expansion for other devices
• Easily readable status display with lens data
• Robust, weather-proof, ergonomic design

Versatile wireless functionality
ARRI introduced the fifth generation of its Electronic Control System. Now, the ZMU-4 joins that new ecosystem, sharing the Hi-5’s swappable RF-EMIP, RF-2400, and upcoming RF-900 radio modules, with different frequencies for different territories and shooting situations. Whichever radio module is chosen, it fits neatly into a recessed slot in the ZMU-4 and becomes integral to the slimline form factor. Wireless operation is more streamlined than with any other system; there are no external radio boxes and no additional cables or setting up—just unplug from the camera and go.

In its most basic configuration, the ZMU-4 can control cforce motors via the LBUS connector without any wireless capability. The CAM connector opens the door to run/stop, camera control, and user button activation for ARRI and third-party cameras. Slot a radio module into the ZMU-4 and it becomes a powerful tool for transmitting and receiving radio signals from multiple ECS devices. DPs and camera operators can jump from a dolly or tripod to a remote monitor station and still use the same muscle memory on the same tools.


Streamlined camera builds

When used as a radio receiver, the ZMU-4 performs the same role as the Radio Interface Adapter RIA-1, removing the need for an extra box on the camera body. It can enhance the flexibility of existing ECS motor controllers with support for the ultra-long-range RF-900 and RF-2400 radio modules, or it can replace motor controllers entirely. Conveniently located on the pan bar, the ZMU-4 performs these duties and enables multiple camera user button functions for operators, even when not using a zoom lens.

As a motor controller, the ZMU-4 allows any camera and lens from any manufacturer to benefit from the features of the ARRI Hi-5 or WCU-4 hand units, without the need for additional motor controller boxes. Again, this makes for a cleaner camera build.