New features in VideoIPath help control production resources, connecting locations, equipment and functionality in LAN/WAN applications, routing video and data across SDI and IP networks.

Nevion videoIPath jctn

New features designed to help users better control their production resources have now been added to Nevion’s VideoIPath. Broadcasters and telecom service providers use Nevion VideoIPath to route video, audio and data across SDI and IP networks – connecting locations, equipment and functionality in LAN and WAN (local and wide area network) applications.

This recent release of the software introduces a new concept – the idea of a virtual junction and virtual equipment. It gives workflow designers the ability to build complete production workflows and user interfaces without having to specify the actual pieces of equipment – for example, a camera or monitor – that will be used within the production.

This approach means that the same connectivity set-up can be used for multiple deployments involving different pieces of equipment, such as those needed for several stadiums with different cameras. This flexibility simplifies and speeds up the process of designing and deploying network connectivity in production environments.

Nevion VideoIPath SoMe

VideoIPath also now includes several new or enhanced web applications, called apps, designed for specific orchestration tasks.

The new Operate app is used for the creation of custom user interfaces to control connections, without having to do any programming. This means that the customer can design user interfaces that are optimised for their specific, operational production needs, relatively easily and affordably.

Two other apps introduced in the latest release are designed to greatly automate and simplify network administration tasks. The updated Inspect app allows users to examine connections in the network, and to determine, for example, exactly what signals are running on a particular connection, or whether a link is nearing capacity in terms of bandwidth usage. The new Maintenance app is designed to make it easier to plan and carry out maintenance on the network, by reconfiguring connections to ensure they avoid any areas set to be undergoing work.

Arne-Johan Martinsen, VideoIPath Product Manager at Nevion said, “VideoIPath is an important piece of Sony’s Networked Live ecosystem, and the latest new features are all designed to support the planning, set-up and control of media connectivity, and help users transform the logistics and the economics of production.”

Nevion’s VideoIPath will be shown at the NABShow, in Las Vegas 16-19 April 2023, in the Networked Live area on Sony’s stand.