Pebble showed its playout automation systems at BroadcastAsia 2024, emphasising their flexible architecture and support for integrated channels and remote operations.

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Pebble, a specialist in automation, content management and integrated channels, showed its playout automation systems at BroadcastAsia 2024. The presentation emphasised the flexibility of its architecture, distinctive in its ability to meet the needs of broadcasters of all types, and its support for high quality, modern systems, integrated channels and remote operations.

Pebble’s product development focusses on secure, stable playout automation and content management. The company is now recognised as a supplier to major broadcasters and content companies worldwide.

Pebble’s automation product portfolio ranges from a single channel to large numbers of concurrent channels, and delivers full functionality for premium services, including channels that need to handle the complexity of live events.

Regarding flexibilty, Pebble’s architecture meets the needs of broadcasters who choose to build custom playout systems with preferred components selected from multiple vendors, as well as those who are migrating to IP and using all-in-one playout engines – or any combination of both scenarios. To meet all of these requirements, Pebble supplies enterprise-level automation and flexible integrated channel set-ups supporting SDI, SMPTE ST2110 and NDI sources and feeds, all in one server.

“For more than 20 years our business focus has been entirely on improving playout automation,” said Mat Shell, head of global sales at Pebble. “That alone makes us unique. We are not a media technology company that also deals with playout – we are specialists in automated delivery.

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“Our position gives us a clear understanding of the market and where it is heading. We know the key issues facing broadcasters today – the need to bridge SDI and IP environments, and the move to hybrid ground and cloud solutions to create the most cost-effective, flexible and powerful architectures. We are also aware of the growing importance of security in a world where cyber-threats become ever more dangerous. That understanding drives our R&D spending and is central to Automation 2.0.”

When Pebble’s version 2.0 of its Automation software was released in mid-2023, the company had identified two key market requirements – more efficient cloud deployments and greater levels of network security. These have been addressed with Automation 2.0 by redesigning core aspects of the system architecture.

Instead of trying to address security issues individually, they chose to introduce changes on an architectural level and bring the internal communications in line with industry best practices. This overall security refresh and consolidation of communication protocols has also optimised the Automation system for public cloud deployment.

Pebble’s automation system runs more than 1,500 channels in 70 countries worldwide, affording up-to-date automation, efficient multi-language and multi-region delivery, reliability and sustainability.