MSI ws66 build2

The MSI WS66 mobile workstation is built for users working in graphic design, video editing, photography or 3D animation and rendering. It has a 10th generation Intel Core i9 8-core processor, which has a single core clock speed (cycles/sec) of 5.3 GHz, designed for multitasking, multi-threaded applications and processor intensive jobs.

It uses NVIDIA GeForce RTX GPUs, which are the main point of difference between the three WS66 versions, starting with the Quadro RTX 3000 with 6GB GDDR6, to the RTX 4000 with 8GB GDDR6, and up to the RTX 5000 with 16GB GDDR6. The cards are built into the 19mm thick design of the devices.


The WS66 has a True Pixel display with 4K resolution, nearly 100% Adobe sRGB colour gamut, True Color Technology, and factory-calibrated to Delta E (variation over time) accuracy of less than 2 – tools and characteristics necessary for creative work, design, photo and video editing. True Pixels have the traditional LED light configuration – each pixel is made up of a red, a green and a blue diode, placed in a triangular cluster. Resolution is measured from the centre of one cluster to the next.

True Color Technology refers mainly to MSI’s calibration of each panel from the factory, before shipping. Panels are calibrated for colour gamut, temperature and gray scale before workstation assembly, and then calibrated for the model’s corresponding colour profile. Users can share colour profiles, adjust colour temperature and sync their settings across supported displays.

MSI ws66 build

The display is also verified by CalMan. The Calman Verified certification program is widely recognised and was developed to use Portrait Displays’ Calman software to evaluate whether a display has met their criteria for video post-production editing and reviewing purposes. The certification evaluates colour temperature, gamma curve and Delta E.

MSI workstations are ISV-certified systems as well, recognised by major independent software vendors in engineering, 3D modelling, design and video production. Certification includes applications from Adobe, AutoDesk, Dassault and others.

MSI WS66 Matrix Display

MSI mobile workstation is built with a range of I/O ports, from a card reader to USB-C power delivery. Its Thunderbolt 3 connectivity supports up to 40Gbps bandwidth with daisy chain capabilities. You can also use MSI’s Matrix Display connections to expand your work set-ups by adding one or two screens, and use the Thunderbolt 3 port to achieve 8K resolution output. The other I/O ports are for USB 3.2 Type-A connections, HDMI, DC-in, RJ45 ethernet and Audio Combo

MSI’s Creator Center is available to WS66 users as integrated software, used to optimise the laptop with adjustable system modes and resources to match different requirements. The software's interface and functionality may vary over time due to version changes, so users should download and work with the most recent version.

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For users that need to secure access to their devices, the computers have IR cameras and fingerprint capture, and use the TPM 2.0 crypto-processor system to generate, store and limit the use of cryptographic keys.