SPL Media House deploys the AMPP cloud Platform to produce and distribute match content for Saudi Pro League, streaming dynamic video packages and highlights across digital platforms.

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SPL Media House (SPL MH) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the media division of the Saudi Pro League. When the Saudi Pro League first tasked SPL MH with distributing match content, the new division had no legacy broadcast hardware in place. Given that the first match was scheduled to begin in only six weeks, they decided the most practical way to meet the challenge would be a cloud-based infrastructure that could be deployed quickly, and would not require third-party systems integration.

SPL MH chose to use Grass Valley’s AMPP cloud-based SaaS to produce and distribute content. SPL Media House COO Peter Van Dam said, “Grass Valley’s AMPP proved to be the only end-to-end SaaS platform that we could run in the cloud and have time to build out within our very tight schedule. It is also the only tested solution that is reliable and robust enough for our demanding application.”

Economically, AMPP’s SaaS model also meant they could adopt an OpEx model instead of the traditional hardware-based CapEx model. The ability to integrate, modify and scale AMPP’s workflows over time as needs change is advantageous to them as well.

“With a global audience of roughly 140 million viewers, there is strong interest in watching our matches and following our teams and players,” Peter said. “We were free to deploy an all-native-cloud system because we weren’t locked into any traditional hardware or infrastructure.”

GV SPL MH Jeddah Derby April 2024

Jeddah Derby 2024  www.spl.com.sa

To deploy AMPP, a small room in SPL MH’s production facility was turned into an international broadcast Network Operations Centre (NOC). Feeds from the nine matches produced weekly are sent to AMPP as SRT or NDI streams via Haivision and LiveU encoder transmitters from the outside broadcast trucks stationed at the stadiums. As well as these matches, remote commentary and distribution for the Saudi Women’s Premier League (WPL) is fully controlled via AMPP.

From AMPP, the game feeds are distributed from the NOC to several social media and service platforms that SPL and rights holders use for delivery to subscribers, and to produce alternative content. SPL MH uses Grass Valley’s Framelight-X cloud-native asset management system to create various video packages featuring Saudi Pro League clubs, players and highlights for streaming. Because Framelight-X is native to the AMPP platform, SPL’s operators can start working remotely in a browser within a few seconds of a live record without needing to work on-premise or on location.

As a global asset management system, Framelight holds all content in a single repository to support content sharing and avoid duplication. Browser-based editing can be done with the Framelight X Editor, and craft editing with EDIUS X or Adobe Premiere on either proxy or full-resolution content. No media relinking is needed for any of the edit workflows.

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Grass Valley’s Framelight-X cloud-native asset management

SPL MH can ingest content from the OB vehicles using Mync, Grass Valley’s universal media player, automatic organiser and uploader, and use Framelight X’s workflow to automate parts of their operations without relying on outside services or developing a bespoke process. A library of specific functions is available that can be linked together, including third-party integrations.

“We are pleased that SPL MH is using AMPP to deliver live Saudi Pro League matches to their fans worldwide,” said Hany Bartella, Sales Director for Grass Valley, Middle East and Africa. “All eyes are on what SPL MH and the League are doing. It’s great to be at the core of their innovative workflows.” www.grassvalley.com