The new Sony PDT-FP1 portable wireless communication device and data transmitter transfers and live streams low latency video and still image data at high speed over 5G networks.

Sony pdt fp1 camera lens

The Sony PDT-FP1 is a new portable data transmitter that transports video and still image data at high speed over 5G networks with low latency. When attached to a camera, it can be used as a wireless communication device in situations such as news, live events and broadcast video production - wherever speed is required, from image capture through delivery, broadcast and distribution. In outdoor or indoor environments where Wi-Fi connection is unavailable, the PDT-FP1’s stable mobile data communication over 5G networks helps users set up efficient, simple workflows.

The device’s unusual antennae structure supports a range of domestic, international and stand-alone sub6/mm Wave 5G networks for data transfer. The PDT-FP1 is able to optimise communications for high-speed and low latency. As well as a physical plug-in nano SIM card, it supports an eSIM for dual SIM functionality. Through the settings, it’s also possible to automatically select a line (contracted with a different carrier) that is easy to connect to depending on the network conditions, and switch SIMs to transfer data.

Sony pdt fp1 AnnthenaDesign

PDT-FP1 antennae structure

Lists of compatible cameras and compatible networks will be released in due course.

Applications – Data Transfer and Streaming, Network Monitoring

Effective connectivity makes the PDT-FP1 useful in many applications, starting with media transfer and delivery. It can be used as a modem to transfer media to any FTP destination. Or, when used with the Sony Creators’ Cloud for Enterprise app from compatible Sony cameras, the app transfers the media to the PDT-FP1, which then uploads it to Sony Cloud services such as Ci Media Cloud and C3 Portal using secure, robust transfer mechanisms. This facility moves the media from the camera sooner so it can be viewed and uploaded while the camera is packed away or still in use.

For video distribution, live streaming from connected cameras using RTMP is another PDT-FP1 application that is especially useful for overcoming constraints caused by particular filming or output locations. The transmitter delivers a direct stream from the camera to a YouTube channel via USB based streaming and stable wireless 5G networks.

Sony pdt fp1 situation

Should it be necessary to monitor the network, using the PDT-FP1 with Sony’s Network Visualiser app visualises the network condition and communications conditions while shooting as assurance that the content is being delivered to successfully to the receiving end.

PDT-FP1 Build

Its 6.1-inch OLED display can simultaneously display the quality of the communication and the file transmission status. You can continue monitoring transfer status and recording at the same time, to avoid disrupting a shooting opportunity.

The cooling fan is built into the device to enhance reliability when working at very high temperatures. Despite the narrow body design, the PDT-FP1 has a duct-based structure that also efficiently dissipates internal heat, encouraging stable, continuous communication and preventing thermal shutdown. Different operational modes – auto, cooling priority and silent priority – can be selected to accommodate each location environment.

A built-in memory of 8GB (RAM)/256GB (ROM) combined with microSDXC card capacity of up to 1TB supports high-speed processing and storage of large amounts of data.

Sony pdt fp1 camera rear

The PDT-FP1 is equipped with a LAN port, USB Type-C terminal, and HDMI Type-A terminal as connection terminals for cameras. Furthermore, by using the Type-C charging terminal and an external power source, the PDT-FP1 can be used to stream and transfer data simultaneously.

The device is designed as a camera companion – as well as a screw hole for securing the camera and tripod, it also has a strap hole for attaching cable-fixing accessories. PDT-FP1 will be available in parts of Europe from May 2024. Pre-ordering can be done now.