Appear’s X Platform integrates an on-premise hardware-based IPTV encoding and multiplexing platform at BH Telecom capable of considerable cost savings and efficiency for content delivery.

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BH Telecom has successfully enhanced the live channel processing software for its subsidiary Moja TV, a provider that operates thematic, HD and timeshift channels, VoD, video recording and other services. The project encompasses the provision and integration of a custom IPTV transcoding and multiplexing platform capable of achieving considerable cost savings and efficiency for BH Telecom.

Their new transcoding system, based on the X Platform developed by Appear, is designed to handle 270 HD channels using H264/MPEG4 and H265/HEVC codecs, as well as five UHD channels with H265/HEVC encoders. The multiplexing set-up is able to support 500 television and radio services. The efficiency of the X Platform is such that the company can significantly reduce the number of rack units (RU) it needs, down to only 10 RUs for the whole Moja TV platform.

Hardware-Accelerated SRT

The Xplatform is a high-capacity, ultra-low latency platform for high-speed video networking. Appear developed a hardware-accelerated SRT system for the X Platform to support M&E companies that want to use SRT in robust, high-density configurations that interoperate with existing broadcast workflows. Appear’s SRT system now gives operators like BH Telecom a high-capacity, cost-effective option for low-cost channel transmission over public internet that can replace satellite links and dedicated fibre circuits.

Adnan Kapetanović, Head of Video Operations at BH Telecom, said, “Delivering 270 channels in premium quality requires an enormous amount of bandwidth, with robust live transcoding and computing power. However, we chose Appear, not only because of its approach to live processing, but also because of the opportunity to work in partnership, supporting our complex technical considerations and needs.”

Appear X20 Assembly

Its support for multiplexing and scrambling means the X Platform would also work as a video core in remote PHY deployments – a kind of distributed access architecture that splits the headend components and moves the physical layer from the headend to the edge of the network. As a high-capacity IP gateway, the X Platform supports any input formats to any output formats

Compact, Energy Efficient

Adnan said, “The Appear X Platform was the most compact, energy efficient transcoding platform we surveyed, making it an efficient, sustainable and cost-effective option for us. With the X Platform, we’re able to meet increasing demands from our expanding subscriber base without compromising on the quality of experience we deliver to viewers.”

The deployment and delivery of the system were carried out in collaboration with local Bosnian systems integrator, Net Solution d.o.o. Appear is supplying comprehensive technical training for both BH Telecom and Net Solution d.o.o. at its headquarters in Oslo, so that both engineering and operations teams have the tools and resources needed to operate the platform without interruption.

Thomas Bostrøm Jorgensen, CEO at Appear, said, “As demand rises, broadcasters and streaming media providers face new challenges in delivering high quality transcoded content to a sea of subscribers. While many vendors shift towards the cloud, this is not the answer for everyone. Working from the cloud may bring higher operational expenditure than cost effective hardware-based on-premise systems.”