Maverik X is a scalable, agile switcher, software-based to run on AMPP, on local, hybrid or cloud compute, supporting uncompressed/compressed I/O with 10-bit UHD HDR workflows.

GV maverik x

Grass Valley’s new Maverik X is a software-based switcher running on AMPP. Available to work on local, hybrid or cloud compute, Maverik X supports combined uncompressed and compressed inputs and outputs, with full 10-bit UHD HDR workflows, automatic up/down/cross conversion and HDR LUT mapping.

Maverik X can be controlled either through customisable HTML5 user interfaces and operated from PC and tablet devices, or through Grass Valley’s modular Maverik switcher panel. The operator experience feels familiar and also allows more options for panel design. 

Maverik X scales with production requirements. The user defines the number of inputs/outputs, M/Es, keyers, DVEs and replay wipes for different sized events. Combined with AMPP workloads, Maverik X can manage full multiviewers, audio mixing, graphics, replay and other workflows, and makes them controllable from a single interface.

AMPP is built on a microservices architecture that allows the system to quickly scale to any size. Similar to the other AMPP microservices, Maverick X users can pay as they go, or set up predictable contract pricing, only paying for what they use. Building workflows up and taking them down can be done in a few minutes, which gives users an opportunity to experiment with different configurations - features or workflows may be added without a major upfront investment.

Grass Valley’s Chief Product Officer Adam Marshall said, “Our customers’ productions still need high quality video processing, but with flexibility to adapt to changing business demands. Modern production control rooms need the agility to add or remove capabilities on a per-event basis while keeping operational costs as low as possible.

GV maverickX

“With Maverik X, productions can scale across one or more operators, facilitating productions of different sizes and scope with a single configuration recall. Combined with AMPP local, which hosts both the data plane and the control plane on-premises in COTS servers, users can maintain flexibility in both online and offline environments.”

According to Greg Huttie, VP for Switchers at Grass Valley, “While AMPP has always included switcher capabilities – such as our K-Frame CS X for K-Frame users who want to maintain the same UI online, and Live Producer X with a simplified story board-based interface for single person productions – the flexibility and extensive capabilities of Maverik X truly represent a genuine shift to switching as a software-based service.”