Nevion’s and TAG’s partnership eases deployment of IP-based broadcast production systems, integrating the companies’ main products, and developing associated delivery and support.

Nevion TAG monitoring MCM9000

TAG MCM9000 monitoring

Nevion and TAG Video Systems have formed a partnership aiming to simplify the deployment of IP-based broadcast production systems. The partnership involves an integration of the companies’ main products, and will include the development of associated delivery and support services.

After working together on several projects for major broadcasters around the world, Nevion and TAG have noted that, as broadcasters adopt IP capabilities and features more widely in their live production workflows, they want to be able to choose the products most suited to their requirements. At the same time, they want to reduce the complexity of integrating products into their environment and workflows, and of supporting them in production.

Product Integrations

As a result, Nevion and TAG have decided to formalise and extend the relationship they have established over the course of those projects. Nevion’s media orchestration platform, VideoIPath, is already integrated with TAG’s software-based IP multi-viewer, a part of the company’s Realtime Media Performance Platform. Through this integration users can optimise the routing of video signals across IP networks into the multi-viewer, which also carries out probing and monitoring services. VideoIPath will continue to be developed to take advantage of the capabilities of TAG’s platform.

Nevion tag diagram

Nevion’s software-defined media node Virtuoso also integrates with TAG’s multi-viewer, aligning on standards like SMPTE ST 2110, JPEG 2000 and JPEG XS to deliver video signals to the platform. The engineering teams of Nevion and TAG are also cooperating to design an end-to-end system that uses Virtuoso as a reference node in TAG’s labs to supply compliant video signals for test purposes. For example, to test their multi viewer software, TAG’s engineers can accept video signals in various formats, including JPEG XS, but need input that complies exactly to industry standards. So, in the lab, they feed video into Virtuoso and take the output as input for their multi viewer

Service and Support

Beyond the product integrations, under the new partnership Nevion will strengthen its professional service and support capabilities to take further advantage of TAG’s platform, simplifying the deployment and exploitation of the overall production system.

Kevin Joyce, Zer0 Friction Officer at TAG said, “The transition to IP workflows has greatly accelerated in the past two years. To provide clients the greatest value, to empower their business, technology providers like TAG and Nevion need to proactively join forces and unite their expertise. This partnership will not only help our customers reduce complexity but will also help enhance both companies’ solutions with the mutual goal to better support our media companies’ business.” 

Nevion videoIpath planning

Nevion VideoIpath orchestration

Jan Helgesen, Head of Product and Solutions at Nevion said, “Nevion, together with its parent company Sony, have been developing an ecosystem of systems, products, services and partnerships called Networked Live to enable broadcasters to enable live production using resources located anywhere, at any scale. This ecosystem is designed to make it easy for users to make the choices that are right for them. This partnership with TAG, which is built on complementary offerings and years of working together, is therefore an important part of Networked Live.”

Nevion and TAG will be at NAB 2023 in Las Vegas 15-19 April 2023, on booths C8101 (Sony) and W1672 respectively.