NAB Show  Pebble and NVIDIA are extending the new PRIMA media and broadcast platform with access to NVIDIA Holoscan for Media, cloud based tools for building and deploying live media tools.

Pebble and NVIDIA have formed a partnership extending the capabilities of Pebble’s new PRIMA software platform for media and broadcast. Through this collaboration, Pebble's customers can use PRIMA to access NVIDIA Holoscan for Media, cloud based tools for building and deploying live media applications.

PRIMA (Platform for Real-Time Integrated Media Applications) is Linux/Kubernetes-based software supporting applications addressing the needs of media and broadcast organisations, whether on premises, in the cloud or via a hybrid combination. Its architecture is built for flexible, adaptable deployment and encompasses security, economic scalability and centralised management. Because its unified approach allows complete oversight and management of broadcasting workflows, users can schedule workloads dynamically and manage them as needed.

Shared Compute Platform

NVIDIA Holoscan for Media is similar in its approach but focusses on media application development and deployment. Its IP-based, cloud-native architecture isn't defined by existing hardware, environments or locations. Instead it is a neutral, open-source platform built on industry standards and APIs, including SMPTE ST 2110, AMWA NMOS, RIST, SRT and NDI, which helps developers simplify their development process and therefore control R&D costs.

NVIDIA says that Holoscan for Media supports the EBU vision of enabling many media applications to run on a shared compute platform, rather than each one on a purpose-built piece of hardware. The goal is to develop software media functions that re-purpose existing hardware. The Holoscan platform is based on servers built with NVIDIA GPUs and networking, which are expressed in Kubernetes’ programming language. As a result, applications can be written that rely on those GPUs and networking – but in a containerised environment.

Kubernetes is an open-source orchestration system using containers for automating software deployment, scaling and management. The Holoscan for Media platform avoids locking users into a particular control plane or a transport, simply because of the way the platform is built. By shifting an application to a containerised deployment, Kubernetes can schedule that application onto a node in the server cluster that has the necessary facilities for the application.

Pebble PRIMA

Pebble PRIMA

This approach has advantages for broadcasters, who can re-purpose their hardware platform with the applications that they need at any particular moment, but also for the vendors who can rely on a platform while still having their software deployed in an in an open way.

PRIMA’s Pebble Expertise

As a new product launching at NAB 2024, and as part of NVIDIA’s early-access program for Holoscan for Media, PRIMA’s initial product lineup starts with Pebble’s core expertise in channel origination. It consists of applications covering playout to ease channel deployment and management, workflow-building and customisation between networked and cloud storage, and control, optimising IP connectivity to set up device management and signal routing. The PRIMA applications add to and integrate with Pebble’s existing playout products.

Daniel Robinson, Pebble Head of Product, said, “By supporting NVIDIA Holoscan for Media, Pebble can deploy PRIMA into dynamic media facilities as envisioned and recommended by the EBU. A unified platform reduces administrative overhead and management while allowing for re-use and maximising utilisation across an entire platform, thus driving down costs. NVIDIA Holoscan for Media also includes reference architectures for supportable large-scale Kubernetes environments with PTP, high-bandwidth network, ST 2110 and GPUs.”

“Broadcast and entertainment studios are looking for architectures that create more cost-saving opportunities to meet their extensive media business needs,” said Guillaume Polaillon, Product Line Manager for Live Media Solutions at NVIDIA. “By using Holoscan for Media, PRIMA can bring these new approaches to life with greater scaling and security for media workflows, helping to realise a new generation of broadcast and media content.”

Pebble has worked with NVIDIA to build a system that establishes common services such as networking, storage and traffic management. At NAB Show 2024, attendees will be able to see the first results of this collaboration at the Pebble stand.