The new Flex Control Panel allows operators to directly control PTZ devices, external audio connections, audio / video mixing and talkback – all connected with NDI.

NewTek Flex Control Panel ui

NewTek has added a new model to its line of Control Panels called Flex, from which operators can directly control PTZ devices, audio connections, audio and video mixing and talkback – all connected with NDI. None of the earlier panels have included audio and video mixing, PTZ Control and talkback features in one unit. Building these controls directly into the panel is expected to significantly reduce the margin for error.
Flex’s features give operators greater precision and finer control than the other panels. Also, including audio I/O controls mean that Flex expands the on-board I/O of TriCaster devices with the option to add external audio sources directly to the NDI system.

NewTek Flex Control Panel
In effect, conventional configurations physically tether operators to video switchers with fixed cable runs, and are complex set-ups without options to change location. However, Flex can be connected to a network via NDI and used to control any of the video switchers on that network, functionality that helps meet the demand for distributed production tools.

Flex scales to match different-sized productions, and works with any of the current TriCaster models from the TriCaster Mini X up to a TriCaster 2 Elite, in professional or home studios or in OB vehicles. NewTek Flex is available now and is priced at $9,495 USMSRP.