Chaos announced the company’s first foray into AI tools through three new features, as well as the first look at a new visual storytelling product for 3D assembly and animation.

Chaos Unboxed

Chaos has delivered the first look at its upcoming 2024 roadmap, in the first of a series of online events called ‘Unboxed’ devoted to new products, tools and its ongoing efforts to improve interoperability between Chaos tools. The event also highlighted the company’s first foray into AI tools through three new features, as well as the first look at a new visual storytelling product for 3D assembly and animation.

“Visualisation technology is no longer limited to specialists,” said Christian Lang, CEO at Chaos. “Any designer, architect or computer graphics artist benefits from visualisation tools to create and communicate their best designs. Our mission is to promote that trend by simplifying creative workflows."

Chaos AI Powered Tools 

In the first half of 2024, Chaos will introduce three original AI-powered tools developed by the new Chaos AI Lab - with more to come. Chaos users with the Chaos Cosmos browser – a free 3D content collection for architects and designers – will soon have access to the ‘Text to PBR Materials’ tool, giving artists the ability to create new PBR materials by describing them. Those materials can then be refined further by adding specific details, such as metallic sheen, scratches, logos and much more. Once complete, the materials can be used in any project that can access Cosmos, including the Enscape real time rendererV-Ray and others. 

Chaos Unboxed Enscape Stylized AI Generation Watercolor

AI generated watercolour stylisation

Chaos’ e-commerce and 3D product visualisation platform Cylindo will also receive AI updates through its upcoming ‘Instant Lifestyle Images’ tool. Users will be able to create product visuals using natural language prompts for composition control. 

Enscape's AI upgrade will include a new feature that will apply hard-drawn aesthetics that can be stylized in real time, allowing for more artistic flexibility.

More information on each of the new features, including specific release dates, will be announced in the coming months. 

Visual Storytelling

Later in 2024, Chaos will release a new storytelling product designed to help streamline 3D assembly and animation projects. Currently under development under the codename Project Eclipse, the new tool will seamlessly integrate 3D scenes from any Enscape or V-Ray project using a noiseless path-tracing renderer, specifically to create digital scenes for architects, virtual production and any visualisation specialists. 

Chaos Unboxed Project Eclipse

Project Eclipse

The product will allow users to add assets with a smart drag-and-drop toolset, enhance materials using PBR editing and include scatter vegetation. Scenes can then be presented as views, panoramas and animations. Further AI tools will also help further speed up the creation process. More details will be announced later this year. 

Building Performance Module for Enscape

For architects and visualisation experts looking to enhance the sustainability of their creations, Enscape is preparing to release a new module later in 2024 that will give users a look at the energy efficiency of a building as it is being designed, in real time. 

By integrating the building information modeling (BIM) models with performance analysis and visualisation, users can receive updates in real time while making modifications, giving the designers a better understanding of how to optimise factors like natural light and space, without sacrificing occupancy comfort or aesthetics. 

Chaos Unboxed Cosmos AI Material Generator

Cosmos AI Material Generator

More Updates to Come

Chaos Cosmos will be fully integrated into Enscape, with support for animated assets and new asset management capabilities.

Cylindo will launch customer portals to give external agencies the ability to give their clients rendering services.

Vantage, used to explore complex V-Ray 3D production scenes ray traced in real-time for visualisation, will soon include a faster path to LED walls via Vantage on Virtual Stage, from pre-production to post-production, in a single toolkit.

Chaos Unboxed Chaos Enscape bridge

Enscape to V-Ray bridge

V-Ray for Blender is back in active development and will have an official release later this year. 

Enscape will soon connect directly to the new visual storytelling product and Chaos Cloud.

Chaos has also stated that it will continue to unify the Chaos software products to allow users of any of them to take advantage of other Chaos tools. Work on this is already underway and can be seen in recent product updates, including last year’s Enscape to V-Ray Bridge.