Dalet has completed the AWS Foundational Technical Review for Dalet Pyramid, supporting organisations that want to run cloud-native media operations.

Dalet Pyramid AWS FTR

Dalet has completed the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Foundational Technical Review (FTR) for Dalet Pyramid, their cloud-native news workflow system. This achievement follows the successful FTR completion of the Dalet Flex media asset management and supply chain platform in June 2023. These successful reviews, along with participation in the AWS ISV Accelerate Program, accelerate support for organisations that want to run cloud-native media operations with competitive performance and security standards.

"Dalet Pyramid enables modern, story-centric news workflows promoting wide-scale collaboration across sites, systems and teams. With support for cloud, hybrid and on-premise deployment, means customers have greater scalability and flexibility," said Lincoln Spiteri, CTO at Dalet. "The successful completion of the AWS Foundational Technical Review is an indication of the security, resiliency and efficiency of Dalet Pyramid’s infrastructure.”

AWS Foundational Technical Review

Dalet is working with AWS to update how users think about news production with 360 storytelling – multi-purpose, multi-format content production – in a virtualised environment. The AWS Foundational Technical Review ensures that Dalet Pyramid adheres to the AWS Well-Architected Framework – that is, delivering a robust, secure cloud experience. Dalet News users can dynamically scale resources to manage complex, large-scale news events with greater confidence, such as the upcoming Paris Olympics and 70-plus elections happening almost simultaneously around the world. All this can be achieved while maintaining optimal performance and security standards.

Dalet’s focus on security and ISO/IEC 27001 certification, combined with an experienced global cloud operations team, aims to keep customers’ data secure and operations online when migrating to the cloud.  www.dalet.com