NEP UK purchased Sony’s HDC-3500V, built with optical variable ND filter and Virtual iris that allows operators to control the depth of field, brightness and expressiveness in live images.

Sony hdc 3500Va

NEP UK, part of the NEP Group worldwide network, has invested further in Sony’s live production line up for 2024 by adding a number of HDC-3500V cameras to its fleet. The HDC-3500V camera, announced at NAB 2023, comes with an optical variable ND filter and Virtual iris that allows operators to control the depth of field and brightness in their images, and to work more creatively.

Last year, NEP UK chose the Sony HDC-F5500 camera, a S35mm Large Format model that gives a shallow depth of field look to live production workflows, and the ILME-FR7, a full-frame 4K PTZ interchangeable lens camera in Sony’s Cinema Line.

The company also purchased HDR capable monitors, combining PVM-X2400 and LMD-A240 models to extend its options for clients. The PVM-X2400 is one of the 4K HDR TRIMASTER monitors and the LMD-A240 is an HD LCD monitor. Both are compact and lightweight enough for field use. 

Sony PVM X2400

PVM-X2400 HDR-capable monitor

The HDC-3500V cameras will be used throughout 2024, for entertainment but also for the live sporting events coming up in Paris, among others. The camera has a Virtual Iris function that gives comprehensive control over exposure settings by allowing adjustments to brightness between the lens iris, variable ND and master gain using a single joystick. The camera also has an internal optical Variable ND filter.

Because the iris diaphragm controls the size of the aperture and the f-stops, it affects brightness, depth of field, bokeh effect and other aspects of the image. The HDC-3500V’s combination of the Virtual Iris function with the Variable ND filter allows the operator to choose a preferred iris diameter on the attached lens, and at the same time use the ND filter to adjust light levels entering the camera – without changing that iris value. This gives fine control over the camera’s depth of field under varying light conditions, adjusting brightness using the ND filter instead of the lens iris.

Sony hdc nep uk

The variable ND filter is pre-installed without visible physical filters, which allows the user to make smooth exposure adjustments without affecting image quality, and to transition between lighting conditions without disrupting the broadcast. The system supports HFR recording and can be switched between deep and shallow depth of field, useful for sports where capturing fast-paced action is important.

Donald Begg, Senior Director of Engineering and Technology of NEP UK, commented, “The variable ND filter in the HDC-3500V means that, if desired, images can be created with a distinctive artistic tone, and we have been witnessing a growing appetite for that look and feel from our clients.”