Reuters's global network of on location reporters now use Sony Alpha 7S III and PXW-Z280 cameras, G Master lenses and UWP-D wireless audio equipment as their main shooting kit.

Sony alpha 7s III brick

Alpha 7S III

One of the largest news agencies in the world, Reuters recently looked for cameras suitable for their video journalists, who shoot on-location around the world. Their staff need compact, lightweight gear that achieves very high image quality, and efficient, modern autofocus and flexible lens options were other important considerations.

Reuters has selected Sony Alpha and XDCAM cameras, G Master lenses and audio equipment to equip the team. The fleet will be using the Alpha 7S III and PXW-Z280 as their main shooting kit, paired with UWP-D wireless audio

Sony PXW-Z280

The PXW-Z280 is known for its ease of use, electronic variable ND filter and HDR capabilities. The Z280 maintains image quality when used handheld, and supports direct to air broadcasting, especially useful for the video journalists. It has a 4K ½ inch-type three-CMOS sensor with a deep depth of field, and includes Face Detection AF.

SOny PXW z280


To suit different workflows, HLG or S-Log3 gamma curves can be used to record HDR. With HLG, users can work with Sony's Instant HDR workflow, from shooting to editing and viewing of HDR content in HLG, lessening the need for colour grading.

The autofocus performance for hybrid use between stills and video, combined with effective low light performance, were other key features in Reuters' decision making. Sony's E-Mount strategy also allows journalists more flexibility to capture clean, expressive images by matching cameras and projects to the most appropriate lenses. The choice among Sony E-mount-compatible lenses, including the SEL2470GM2, is wide and varied.

Sony instant hdr workflow

Instant HDR workflow (HLG)

Sony E-Mount

The E-mount lens mounting system was specifically designed for mirrorless cameras. Without a reflex focusing mirror, the lens could be moved closer to the sensor making the whole system more compact, without affecting image quality. Adapters for other mounting systems could be used as well. Owing to the E-Mount’s adaptable nature and performance, large sensor film and video productions can take advantage of its lenses for news or drama.

As well as autofocus and image stabilization, Sony’s E-mount lenses incorporate power zooms, calibrated manual focus and iris rings. They can also pass metadata to the camera about focal length, focus and aperture which can be used to stabilise footage in post.


The PXW-Z280’s network capabilities and multiple format support means it can fit wirelessly into a secure, cloud-based news gathering workflow. Both cameras connect to the cloud for direct content transfer from the capture location back to the remote broadcast unit. These features are critical for news gathering, which relies on speed.

Dual Link Cellular capability, using two cellular networks in combination to create a more reliable network connection, is available when using the PWS-110RX1 network RX station – it has two SDI outputs for direct streaming on 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi networks. RTMP/RTMPS live streaming also supports sharing to online video platforms such as YouTube Live or Facebook Live.

Sony z280 Live streaming Wifi Internet

Alpha 7S III

The Alpha 7S III interchangeable lens camera is built with a full-frame 12.1MP CMOS image sensor with high sensitivity, high readout speeds and always-active focal-plane phase-detection AF. The camera has 15-stops of dynamic range, 4K 120p recording, fast autofocus and 5-axis optical image stabilisation. It also has an expanded ISO range for movies from 80 to 409600, keeps noise-levels low through the sensitivity range, and is capable of capturing usable images in near darkness.

UWP-D Wireless Audio establishes stable, reliable RF reception via the receiver’s dual diversity tuner that stays locked onto the strongest wireless signal. UWP-D receivers use Sony’s new digital audio processing technique for digital companding. It compresses the data at the transmitter, and expands the same data at the receiver end, resulting in a high quality, accurate sound.

With the UWP-D Series, the receiver automatically scans for clear wireless channels. You can then securely synchronise the receiver and transmitter using NFC.

Multi-Platform News Production

From April 2024, the cameras and associated equipment started shipping to 23 Reuters locations across the world.

Sony alpha 7s III

Sony considers that Reuters’ investment reflects on the two companies’ long-standing relationship, supported by Sony's knowledge of the journalist’s particular requirements while working on location, and Reuters’ mission to deliver timely and quality news. Sony's Media Backbone Hive is already in use at Reuters as its main multi-platform news production system. It gathers material and tailors stories for online, social, TV and radio audiences in a collaborative way that helps them avoid creating silos and duplicating resources.

Gildas Pelliet, Imaging and Professional Solutions, Sony Europe, commented, “In pressured environments, a news organisation prioritises reliability and timeliness. For cases such as these, we recognise that reliability, picture quality and cloud-based workflows are crucial, and those are the qualities we have brought to our cameras and workflows. "