arkona adds a new scalable, software-based service to its BLADE//runner suite of live broadcast production tools – for ease of control, integration and workflow orchestration.

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arkona technologies, a developer of IP core infrastructure for broadcast, is adding a new service to its BLADE//runner suite of live broadcast production systems and workflows. Called BLADE//master, it is scalable, software-based and included for free with the BLADE//runner hardware and software tools, for ease of control and workflow orchestration. BLADE//master is being shown for the first time at NAB 2024 at arkona’s stand.

The BLADE//runner suite includes a flexible, modular core, or framework, on which users can set up and shut down resources and functions on-the-fly. Controlled by an open API or through NMOS IS-04/-05, BLADE//runner is a hybrid-cloud product designed for modern broadcast facilities and related environments where flexibility and scalability are important.

BLADE//master makes it easier to integrate the BLADE//runner system into legacy broadcast control systems by exposing a customisable subset of its tools as an Ember+ parameter tree. A protocol developed by Lawo that allows devices to be remotely controlled via the network, Ember+ allows communication between two endpoints – applications or devices – so that an external application can gain access to the parameters of a network device.

Further to integration, BLADE//master can combine the functionality of multiple BLADE//runner apps and present it as one homogenous video and audio router, capable of clean, quiet switching with a single crosspoint command.

arkona BLADEmaster

Erling Hedkvist, sales & business development said, “BLADE//master significantly simplifies the integration and operation of a ST 2110 IP infrastructure by serving as a basic interface to traditional broadcast control systems that looks just like a traditional audio/video router. BLADE//master exposes a simple crosspoint architecture that is intuitive to both operators and control systems. We look forward to demonstrating this new control and orchestration tool so visitors can see how contributes to smooth workflows with traditional broadcast systems.”

BLADE//master runs either on a COTS server or on the arkona AT300 Programmable Acceleration Card (PAC). Multiple instances of BLADE//master can run concurrently for redundancy.

Note that AT300 runs on an Intel FPGA that gives it two 100GE IP interfaces and high bandwidth memory (HBM). Its interchangeable modular rear plates support varied media types such as SDI, MADI or WordClock. At300 works well in hybrid applications where interfacing with legacy infrastructure is still needed, alongside the capacity to carry out native IP media processing functions through its interfaces.