Bitmovin’s and Yospace’s combined system for live streaming allows broadcasters to make a competitive service available for advertisers, with an assured, consistent viewing experience.

Bitmovin yospace ssai

Bitmovin, with expertise in video streaming infrastructure, has formed a partnership with Yospace, a dynamic ad insertion specialist. Their goal is a combined system for live streaming, at scale, that allows broadcasters to make a more competitive service available for delivering advertising within programming with the assurance of a smooth customer experience.

Bitmovin and Yospace aim to optimise the quality of experience for live-streaming audiences while ensuring publishers and advertisers can maintain the advertising experience at a consistent level. Achieving resilience at scale is a key factor for live streaming and a challenge for broadcasters.

But, by making sure that Yospace’s Server Side Ad Insertion (SSAI) is compatible with Bitmovin’s Live Encoder, a broadcaster can deliver high-quality live streaming experiences with uninterrupted ad integration. The Bitmovin Live Encoder processes SRT or Zixi inputs and outputs HLS, which means Yospace can work with its Ad Platform partner to insert live advertisements using HLS manifests

Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder at Bitmovin said, “Live streaming is critical for consumers now, and is expanding beyond sports. We have found that for live streaming, quality is everything. Audiences can handle a small delay to their live stream as long as the quality is as high as possible, without any interruptions or buffering.

Bitmovin live encode

“Others may push for the lowest possible latency, but at Bitmovin, we want to provide the ultimate viewing experience that delivers high-quality video to make audiences feel a part of the action. In the modern streaming era, achieving that feeling requires compatible advertising.”

The fact that the record for concurrent live audiences was broken five times last year demonstrates how rapidly live streaming is growing in demand. Showing the scale of such events, the recent NFL wildcard playoff game between Kansas City Chiefs and Miami Dolphins was the first to be carried out-of-market (not shown on channels local to the match venue) exclusively by a streaming platform – in this case Peacock. Peacock recorded its largest single-day audience with 16.5 million concurrent devices, and the game averaged 26.3 million viewers across Peacock, local NBC stations and NFL+. 

Yospace’s SSAI has been operating for over a decade, covering five FIFA World Cups, five Olympic games, and over 800 UEFA Champions League games. Publishers and advertisers have a low tolernance for error regarding live advertising and viewer experience. 

Yospace CEO, Tim Sewell said, “Live events have the power to tap into an audience's collective imagination, with a levelling effect. The combination of Bitmovin's Live Encoder and Yospace's SSAI creates an advertising proposition for broadcasters, who can make that particular quality of live events accessible to advertisers, at scale.”

Bitmovin and Yospace’s solution will debut at the NAB Show 2024, where it can be viewed on both companies’ stands.