Macnica’s work toward AIMS IPMX standards development has resulted in a new 1Gb/s AVoIP gateway specifically for IPMX applications, just as the IPMX suite moves closer to ratification.

Macnica IPMX gateway2

Macnica Technology has worked toward IPMX product and standards development over the past several years, involvement that is bearing fruit with the introduction of a new product for the AV industry – a gateway exclusive to the IPMX suite of standards. The Macnica MEG1 IPMX-to-HDMI AV over IP ethernet gateway is a 1Gb/s system that opens a direct route to IPMX product development for ProAV and broadcast equipment manufacturers.


Developed for the pro AV market, the AIMS IPMX delivery system for transporting video over IP networks is a collection of free, open standards that allows users to deliver encrypted 4K UHD 60P 4:4:4 content and control from video products over a standard 1GbE connection. The IPMX collection includes interoperability standards for device discovery and registration, USB and serial extension, resilient network performance, subframe latency and JPEG-XS compression.

IPMX can be used without licensing fees, but having it up and running in a finished video product would normally require a significant investment in engineering time. Bridging this gap is the purpose behind Macnica’s development work. As an AIMS member company, the company has spent years helping to develop the IPMX standard, meanwhile packaging their knowledge and intellectual property for other companies to use.

Macnica’s Development

For example, the Macnica MPA1000 4K AV over 1GbE Module is an FPGA module, useful as an encoder or decoder and suitable for product prototypes and for smaller production runs. It is field-configurable to transmit or receive routable UHD video, audio, USB, and HDMI control signals over IP. Once connected to the network, the module’s traffic is discoverable through the RESTful NMOS protocol for publishing and discovery of content streams in broadcast. Each module includes a built-in web server with a HTTP API and a customisable web application.

Macnica MEG1

Macnica MEG1 IPMX-to-HDMI AV over IP ethernet gateway

For larger production runs or for use in more compact products, the ME10 SoC is Macnica’s full-stack AV over IP system on a chip (SoC), transporting HDMI 2.0 4K 4:4:4 video, audio and control data over 1GbE networks in a small, 23 x 23 mm BGA package (ball grid array surface-mount packaging for integrated circuits). It features low-latency synchronised transport based on AIMS IPMX open standard combining SMPTE ST 2110, AMWA NMOS and JPEG-XS compression standards

MEG1 IPMX-to-HDMI Gateway

The new MEG1 is adapted from Macnica’s reference design for IPMX-compliant product development, which supports synchronised low-latency transport of 4K60 4:4:4 video, audio and data, including KVM and PoE support. It is suitable for lab-based research, development and testing for IP developers preparing to bring IPMX products to market.

The MEG1 supports the features required for IP interoperability, including device discovery, USB and serial extension, resilient network performance, JPEG-XS compression and subframe latency. The MEG1 can maintain a high bandwidth, with the ability to send or receive IPMX compliant video streams at up to 800 Mb/s over a 1Gb connection with competitive power for PoE devices, and includes a scripting environment that allows extra scope for feature development and automation.

“The MEG1 is a Macnica reference design that we have built into a complete product,” said Andrew Starks, Director of Product Management of Macnica. “The advantage for IPMX product developers is that our design invites experimentation and extension to allow companies to achieve their product goals, and early adopters to integrate the MEG1 into their systems.”

Approaching Ratification

Macnica is releasing the MEG1 at a time of strong momentum for the IPMX suite of standards, which may be nearing ratification, according to Andrew. Ratification is expected to take another major step forward just prior to ISE 2024 at the VSF [Video Services Forum] Standards Testing Event, which takes place late January in Munich, Germany. Starks anticipates that the event, which will focus on final interoperability tests, will finally validate IPMX performance.

“This Testing Event will help to clear the deck for preparation of final draft documents that must be reviewed and approved prior to official ratification,” said Andrew. “We anticipate heading into ISE with a clear vision of what lies ahead for IPMX, and the release of our MEG1 gateway is ideally timed to help IPMX product developers rapidly bring their products to market in the weeks and months following ratification. Our goal is to build world-class components like the MEG1 that encourage product developers and advance interoperability across the entire AV over IP ecosystem.”

Macnica will demonstrate the MEG1 at ISE 2024 in Barcelona 30 January – 3 February.