MediaLuso used TVU Remote Commentator to host 50 remote, live commentators as they covered the Pan American Games throughout the full two weeks of medal events.

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The Pan American and Parapan American Games is a major event in the world of sports, presenting over 300 events in 24 sports and featuring athletes from 41 countries across the Americas every four years. This year’s 2023 Games, held 20 October to 5 November in Santiago, Chile, attracted millions of viewers worldwide, with hundreds of hours of live coverage.

Broadcast and media services provider MediaLuso hosted 50 commentators over a two week period to cover the Pan American Games medal events live. For the first time, the Medialuso team was able to remove the need for commentators to be physically on-site by deploying TVU Remote Commentator, and could support commentary for multiple simultaneous events.

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“TVU Remote Commentator has proven to be an excellent tool for simplifying remote commentary operations and allowing us to deliver high quality coverage of the Pan American Games,” said Francisco José De La Fuente, CEO of MediaLuso. “We were able to manage the entire commentary process for the Games with just two operators and two producers, which demonstrates the system’s efficiency.

“TVU Remote Commentator’s ability to maintain audiovisual quality through cloud-based server operations is what makes it stand out. It produces an immersive viewing experience for audiences globally with minimal delay.”

TVU commentator panamerican

Using a browser-based interface on a laptop or smart device, the talent uses TVU Remote Commentator to log in and become part of the production. They can see a low-latency, high-quality preview of the event and can add commentary that is synchronised with the program, allowing all participants to interact in real-time.

They also hear each other with mix-minus functionality – each contributor receiving a clean feed without his or her own voice – and see each other on a private back channel. Remote Commentator runs smoothly on a basic consumer-grade laptop with a connected microphone. As a cloud-based platform, users can set up quickly and only pay for the time they use the system.

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TVU Remote Commentator contrasts with traditional on-site commentary methods, which typically involve lengthy travel and logistical planning. Remote Commentator significantly reduces operational costs and environmental impacts. Furthermore, TVU’s technology enables commentators to create engaging, localised content from where they normally work and live, enhancing the global appeal of major events such as the Pan American and Parapan American Games and bringing the details of each event to a wider audience.