NAB Show Net Insight’s Nimbra 400 encoders are upgraded to meet the growth in complex, interactive event productions, delivered at high video quality and aiming to enhance viewer engagement.

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Net Insight’s Nimbra 400 encoders are now upgraded to meet the growth in complex, interactive event productions, delivered at a higher video quality, aiming to enhance viewer engagement. The new version of the Nimbra 414 encoder increases channel density and support for UHD content, features that are designed to help broadcasters deliver more immersive productions.

Professional media transport over the internet is rapidly changing the nature of the broadcast industry, and giving broadcasters and service providers opportunities to reach new locations faster and more cost-efficiently. The Nimbra 400 encoders support all key protocols using ARQ (Automatic Repeat ReQuest), including RIST, SRT and Zixi, which means operators can use the widespread availability of the unmanaged internet at a cost that allows them to cost-efficiently monetise new events.

The ARQ network mechanism makes sure of reliable data transmission through error detection and automatic retransmission of lost or corrupted data. If packets are missing, the receiver sends an alert to the sender, which can then resend the missing packet. This functionality becomes especially important when streaming high-quality video and audio over lossy networks.

Remote Production, Delivered Anywhere

The Nimbra 400 series is built into efficient 1 RU x86 COTS hardware, making the units suitable for remote sites and flight kits. The native support for RIST, SRT, Zixi and Net Insight’s own Edge Connect software means content can be delivered anywhere. To limit the need for 3rd party equipment on site, encryption and firewall tools are integrated, with transport of remote management traffic and communications.

Net Insight Swimmer

As mentioned, Nimbra 400 supports a wide range of video and transport systems. The combination of native support for AVC and HEVC video encoding and decoding, and for compressed video over IP and ASI, with an open, flexible approach to IP networking, means that Nimbra can achieve lossless media transport over unmanaged internet links. As well as the support for ARQ protocols, Nimbra features protection technologies like 1+1 and hitless failover, and can manage network outages without impacting on transported content.

Now with the integration of the Nimbra 400 devices into Net Insight’s cloud transport platforms Nimbra Edge and the new Nimbra Connect iT, broadcasters can manage, dynamically route and deliver live video content from almost any location. Equally significant, with the ability to configure a Nimbra 414 node as encoder and/or decoder, the Nimbra 414 can support complex set-ups such as multi-camera events alongside reverse video channels (IFB) and an IP data channel for studio-to-event interactivity.

High Channel Density Over Unmanaged Networks

With Nimbra 414, the Net Insight Nimbra 400 supports the growth in Tier 1 and Tier 2 events – usually tiered according to the size and quality of audience, and the number and value of advertisers, they can attract – as well as the proliferation of new sub-Tier 1 events that are monetised via on-demand and OTT platforms. The Nimbra 400 series delivers a high density of small to medium channels over low-cost, unmanaged IP networks, using its flexible physical platform and agile software architecture.

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Therefore, it enables content owners and network service providers to rapidly configure and deploy network connections around the world, according to requirements. “A new standard is needed for UHD content and ultra-reliable streaming,” said Christer Bohm, vice president product management at Net Insight.

“Our technology is designed for today's dynamic media landscape, ensuring that our clients can captivate audiences worldwide with unparalleled quality and efficiency. This enhancement keeps our professional internet media transport fully up to date, and equips broadcasters and content creators to deliver more immersive and engaging experiences.”

Visit Net Insight at NAB Show 2024 in Las Vegas, to learn more about the new Nimbra 414.