Live production teams using EVS servers who need to share access to video recordings with distributed editorial teams now have a faster, simpler cloud-based workflow using LucidLink.

EVS IPD VIA LinkAdobe Laptop

IPD-VIA panels in Premiere Pro

Live production teams using EVS servers typically need to share access to video recordings with distributed creative editorial teams. While an event is still underway, adding LucidLink cloud storage and collaboration softwareto the EVS workflow can give creative teams immediate, secure access to the growing recording, from anywhere editors are working. This approach makes it unnecessary to download and transfer media, or synchronise clips to an editor’s local storage. Instead, clips are recorded directly to a Lucidlink file space.

This can be set up because LucidLink file spaces and EVS IPD-VIA web-based asset management can be directly integrated with each other. LucidLink software is used to create file spaces and manage storage in the cloud, which a team of users can share and use to work together on projects. Designed for ease of deployment, this combined workflow with EVS has advantages over file transfer and file synch-and-share workflows, and also benefits from LucidLink’s security features.

IPD-VIA is the asset management component of the EVS VIA production system used to manage, edit and coordinate production from anywhere when event and production locations are separated. It uses containerised microservices, which makes production workflows and resource allocation more flexible as requirements change. IPD-VIA’s web app interfaces help users who need to work remotely and deliver to multiple platforms.


IPD-VIA Ingest

Recordings can be scheduled or started on demand from EVS IPD-VIA, which includes the IPD-VIA Ingest app used to schedule or start recording of any of the input channels of an EVS production server. The EVS system has access to a LucidLink file space and writes the camera feeds directly to cloud while files are still growing. EVS can create both high and low resolution files at the same time. Editors are able to access this content from wherever they are.

If, for example, and event is taking place at a venue in one city, and the editor is working remotely at a studio in another city, they would both have the LucidLink client installed and connected to the LucidLink file space that EVS is recording to. Using the IPD-VIA Link app for Adobe, Premiere Pro sees the file space as if it were any other local drive.

This interoperability makes it simpleto import the growing file directly from the cloud, and also adds IPD-VIA panels to the Premiere Pro interface. With supported file types, the editor can work from that growing file in Premiere Pro to create their sequence and export against the high-res or low-res media – while the event is happening.

The combination of EVS VIA production equipment with LucidLink’s collaborative platform opens a fast and efficient way for distributed teams to work with growing recordings in their preferred edit software.