Virtual production studio and gaming company Dark Slope announced a $1.5M investment from Toronto based Relay Ventures in part to accelerate the integration of AI into their pipeline

Dark slope investment

Virtual production studio and gaming company Dark Slope announced a $1.5M investment from Toronto based Relay Ventures, an early-stage venture capital fund. Relay's focus is on industries with potential for growth fuelled by the rapid adoption of technology. Dark Slope's leadership in virtual production and immersive gaming aligns with this philosophy, as spatial technologies and AI continue to revolutionize the creation of entertainment content.

This funding will be used to accelerate Dark Slope's integration of AI into its virtual production pipeline, and to drive IP creation and industry awareness of Dark Slope, its virtual production sound stages and related services.

This investment comes alongside the previously announced investment from SideFX Software, developers of widely used 3D Animation/VFX tools, bringing the total equity raised in this round to $3 million. Side FX's funding supported the development of Dark Slope's new 35,000 sq ft virtual production studio, featuring two purpose built sound stages and one of the largest LED volumes in North America.

"With Relay's expertise in supporting growth-focused tech and media companies, combined with SideFX's deep expertise in VFX and content creation, we feel Dark Slope has incredible bench strength on its cap table." said Raja Khanna, Executive Chair, Dark Slope. "This funding will enable us to expand our capabilities and accelerate our growth, particularly in the virtual production space where we see tremendous opportunity to both service the industry and develop original properties."

"We have supported two of Raja's prior ventures and are excited to collaborate again," John Albright, Co-Founder and General Partner, Relay Ventures. "Dark Slope's innovative technologies, top-tier facilities, and focus on owning IP, positions them well for significant growth in the production and gaming worlds, and we are proud to support their journey."

Dark Slope is a virtual production and immersive gaming company founded on the belief that spatial technologies will enhance and evolve how stories are told. Their decision to invest funds at this time in the industry's development was driven by the ongoing favourable content financing environment in Canada, with the increasing demand for advanced digital production facilities. With Canada prepared for substantial growth in the production sector, Dark Slope is well positioned due to their capable virtual production studios and established team of experts in virtual production and game-engine development.

Dark Slope’s purpose built sound stages and LED volumes are supported by a team of Unreal Engine production and gaming experts. Dark Slope has brought projects to life for partners including Marblemedia, Aircraft, Insight Productions, Nickelodeon International, Dave & Busters, Hasbro, Epic Games, NBC Peacock, Wildbrain, TVOntario, WarnerMedia and others.