LucidLink designed an efficient, collaborative new workflow for live broadcast production based on an integration with EVS LiveCeption and MediaCeption, and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Lucid EVS Adobe 2023 sports playout

LucidLink has designed a new workflow for live sports and broadcast production based on a new integration with EVS and Adobe. The combination of LucidLink’s Filespaces global file system, EVS LiveCeption live production tools and MediaCeption content management, with Adobe Premiere Pro editing and production software, enables creative teams to quickly ingest, edit and stream video from live events to audiences in as near to real-time as possible, from anywhere in the world. 
In order to remain competitive, sports and various other production types are under pressure to quickly deliver high quality, edited content directly into live broadcasts. This work requires capturing, editing and broadcasting content in real-time. The new integration makes it possible for production teams to ingest live event footage directly into globally available storage as it is created, allowing remote editors to access growing files immediately.

Instant Media Access

Lucidlink EVS LSM VIA

EVS LiveCeption

This approach does not rely on complex networking, file acceleration or physical shared storage. LucidLink’s Filespaces is purpose-built for data-intensive media workflows, creating continuous, system-wide storage and access to large media files from any location, without having to synchronise or download material.
The ability to access media instantly, as if it were stored on a local drive, also gives more scope for on-premises, hybrid or cloud-exclusive workflows. As a result, creative teams can access, edit and share content directly from a live capture, contributing finished edits back to location from wherever the team members are working. This workflow can reduce or completely remove a production’s dependence on sending editors to live events, which quickly becomes expensive. Instead they are able to gain simultaneous, immediate access from remote locations.

“Live sports media production relies on sound planning, collaboration and fast turnaround,” said Peter Thompson, Co-founder and CEO of LucidLink. “The list of stakeholders relying on real-time content has grown, from broadcasters assembling half-time clips,  advertisers fulfilling sponsored content, to marketing teams pushing out high-impact social media content. What used to happen in a cramped trailer outside an event can now happen in near real-time from anywhere around the world.”

Lucidlink EVS mediaception

EVS MediaCeption

Using EVS for Direct Ingest into the Cloud

With LucidLink, EVS users can write high-resolution video files and low-resolution proxy video files directly into their cloud-hosted LucidLink Filespace systems, using their existing tools and live ingest workflows.
LucidLink uses a data streaming protocol and has user management features that make it possible for event coordinators and production supervisors to grant instant access to only the proxy files, only the hi-res files, or both, depending on the requirements of remote team members for content creation. Users can then install the LucidLink client and access the growing content directly inside Premiere Pro as if they were working in the same room. The content will be directly available in EVS MediaCeption for metadata enrichment and further media management operations.

Lucidlink Premiere Collaboration Page

Collaboration in Premiere Pro

EVS and LucidLink also take advantage of the collaboration features in Premiere Pro, including Team projects, Adobe Productions and project locking. Proxy editors can generate edits that conform instantly to high-resolution video on-site, and are then sent with a simple process to EVS for playout within a live production.

“Adding LucidLink to our robust Edit While Capture workflow inside Premiere Pro helps users to take better advantage of EVS live production tools while employing preferred editorial talent, regardless of their distance from the main production,” said Mike Shore, SVP Products and Solutions, EVS.