Spectra Logic’s new archiving system integrates storage software and hardware to protect data across a mix of storage targets long-term digital preservation, access and monetisation.

Spectra digital archive

Spectra Logic has developed its new Spectra Digital Archive for organisations that need to manage and preserve massive amounts of data over long periods. This new system is conctrolled and driven by Spectra StorCycle, enterprise software used to set up retention policies for persistent data and records management, and to archive data at scale.

Organisations can use Spectra Digital Archive to digitally preserve terabytes to petabytes of unstructured data on varying combinations of media -- disk, tape or cloud, which gives users options without affecting system reliability or data availability. Archival options are bulk, project and active archive, while the original file formats are maintained to avoid affecting accessibility.
Because of its policy-driven automation that scales to meet specific performance and capacity demands over time, users are able to define the data retention settings that align best with their organisation’s compliance, ransomware protection and disaster recovery requirements. This policy flexibility, combined with media and archiving options, gives users a chance to control storage and backup costs and bottlenecks.

Spectra digital archive2

A complete hardware/software system, Spectra Digital Archive is also configurable to integrate with different types of storage targets, both on-premises and in the cloud using low impact, high performance data transfers. That makes Spectra Digital Archive a good match for organisations that need to retain and access massive amounts of data for long periods of time.  

“Organisations today are often overwhelmed by the size, scope and cost of their data growth,” said David Feller, vice president of product management and solutions engineering, Spectra Logic. “We designed the Spectra Digital Archive as a dynamic system that helps data-driven customers manage, preserve and access their data affordably. It migrates data automatically to less costly storage tiers for long-term digital preservation, usage and monetisation.”  www.spectralogic.com