Kiloview and Audinate formed a strategic partnership, extending support for Dante Audio and Dante AV-H within Kiloview’s products.

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Kiloview and Audinate formed a strategic partnership, extending support for Audinate’s Dante Audio and Dante AV-H within Kiloview’s products. A specialist in IP-based video systems for broadcasting and Pro AV applications, Kiloview has committed to expanding the licensing of Dante audio and video transmission technology across its ecosystem.

Dante’s digital approach replaces traditional physical audio and video connections with computer networking, and means users can send video or hundreds of channels of audio over Ethernet cables while preserving sound fidelity and reducing complexity.

Physical point-to-point connections between devices have typically needed specialised, single-purpose cables to define where audio and video signals can go. As distances increase, signal degradation begins to affect sound quality. Also, as systems expand, they increase in complexity so that making changes to wired connections is usually labour-intensive and costly, as well.

On the other hand, in a Dante network, managing connections with software makes routing faster, readable and reliable. Because all devices share the same network, signals can be sent between devices at any location with no change to wiring. Dante systems are expanded by connecting new devices to available network jacks.

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H.26x-based IP Video

Kiloview will also introduce Dante AV-H, software used to incorporate Dante control into existing H.264/265-based IP video product designs. This means that IT-level management can be applied to affordable H.26x-based IP video products such as PTZ cameras and encoders/decoders, using Dante Domain Manager, the hub for Dante networks.

The incorporation of Dante is part of Kiloview's goal of driving the adoption of AVoIP across the industry by improving AV connectivity, flexibility and workflow efficiency. The company designs its systems to meet the evolving demands of different industries and enable them to adapt to various application scenarios.

“Kiloview's experience and presence in the video industry will be an advantage to the video production capabilities of the entire Dante ecosystem,” said Josh Rush, Audinate CMO. “For Dante customers, Kiloview will also be a solid force to help them customise complete AV systems.”