Bitmovin and Nomad Media join the Recording Academy again to deliver high-quality video streams for the 2024 GRAMMYs to all devices with a viewer-controlled quad panel experience.

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The annual GRAMMY Awards is among the world's best known and most widely watched televised music events, attracting millions of music lovers. This year, the 66th Annual GRAMMY Awards will take place on 4 February 2024, broadcasting live on the CBS Television Network and streaming live and on-demand on Paramount+. For the Recording Academy, the organisation responsible for the Awards, the viewing experience for the audience is the top priority, and when selecting the video streaming infrastructure, reliability and scalability are the main factors.

For the second year in a row, Bitmovin Player has been chosen to deploy and launch the show’s content, integrated with Nomad Media’s CMS supporting the live stream of the GRAMMY Awards. Ray Starck, Vice President of Digital Strategy at the Recording Academy said, “We first worked with Bitmovin and Nomad Media for the GRAMMY Awards in 2023. Their combined system resulted in an excellent viewing experience for our audience. It was an easy decision to work with them again.”

All Devices

With the Bitmovin Player, the Recording Academy can deliver high-quality streams to the broadest range of devices and guarantee playback quality on any screen through modular architecture, including low latency and configurable adaptive bitrate streaming, which ensures a smooth, uninterrupted experience for audiences, regardless of their location. The ability to guarantee stream quality is also due to the dedicated SDKs Bitmovin has developed for every device – as well as Android and iOS devices, users can deliver specifically to HTML5 screens, Smart TV screens and many others including gaming consoles.

Bitmovin nomad grammys 2024

Quad Panel Controls

The Nomad Media Platform is an intelligent content and asset system that answered the Recording Academy's need for a distinctive style of audience engagement for their Awards broadcasts. Nomad Media's new quad screen viewing was new in 2023 and had never been seen before its appearance on the 2023 GRAMMYs live stream. Controlled by viewers, it includes highly interactive engagement tools through its quad panel viewer.

Partnering with Bitmovin as player of choice, Nomad Media was able to reduce the overall production preparation time from months to days. Its CMS integrated with Bitmovin's features, including the Bitmovin Player and Analytics, within the AWS Cloud environment for instant scalability to the event’s large audience, while still retaining high-quality imagery with sharp resolution.

The quad viewer, accessed through Bitmovin's player, gave fans extra control by putting them in the director's chair with capabilities to switch between multiple views and angles covering the full Grammy Award show. Meanwhile, behind the scenes, the Academy’s production staff could automatically generate more than 20,000 clips for social media distribution in real time during the event, all within the Nomad Media Platform.

“The GRAMMY Awards is the biggest event in the music industry’s calendar, celebrating artists and music professionals across all genres and disciplines,” noted Stefan Lederer, CEO and co-founder of Bitmovin. Using Bitmovin Player is an opportunity for the Recording Academy to maximize its audience reach by delivering streams to the broadest range of devices, and error-free playback to millions of viewers.”