KILOVIEW E3 encodes HDMI and SDI video feeds to H.265 and H.264 simultaneously, with loop through, outputting to multiple protocols for live and remote streaming and production.

Kiloview e3 encode protocol

KILOVIEW’s new E3 encoder has inputs for HDMI signals of up to 4K p30, and for 3G-SDI signals of up to 1080 p60. Either input can be encoded to H.265 and H.264 simultaneously, or in combinations of video outputs from both video sources. E3 also encodes video sources from either port, and will then mix both into one output in picture-in-picture or picture-by-picture mode.

Supporting simultaneous streaming and recording for post and further application, all E3 inputs can be recorded in .MOV/.MP4 through three USB ports or NAS storage. Either input has a loop-through option as well that outputs the stream (4K through HDMI and 1080p through SDI) for delivery to the destination unchanged.

E3 is able to output video in multiple protocols including NDI|HX2 and NDI|HX3, SRT, RTMP/RTSP, UDP or HLS for applications such as live production, post production, remote transmission, live streaming or recording to suit users in various industries. For example, live production could use NDI|HX, remote production could run with SRT, or live streaming with RTMP or HLS. Other transmissions could be set up using protocols that are all different.

Kiloview e3 encode2

Audio sources are encoded through a 3.5mm Line input and an SDI/HDMI embedded audio input – 8-channel embedded audio encoding of SDI inputs and 4-channel embedded audio encoding of HDMI inputs. Users can convert to multiple audio formats including AAC, MPEG-4, MPEG-3, MPEG-2 and others, and have tools for audio de-embedding, channel selection, alternate channel and audio output mapping.

With an up-to-date chipset, the encoder supports streaming to 16 destinations at once by outputting in both mainstream or primary video formats for recording, with up to 8 channels in 1080p, and sub-stream, with up to 8 channels in 720p. Bitrate is adjustable with a maximum bitrate of up to 100Mbps. Through its support for HEVC, E3 can maintain video image quality at lower bitrates, saving roughly 50 percent of your bandwidth.


Kiloview e3 encode

E3 rotates and crops video, and adds custom overlays to the output video in preparation for webcasting.

E3’s built-in LCD screen displays connectivity, IP address, CPU, memory, resolution, temperature and tally status in real-time. Further to encoding, E3 can rotate and crop video, and add custom overlays such as images, texts or other on-screen display to the output video in preparation for webcasting.