Virtual production studios Dimension will work with AWS and Arch Platform Technologies to scale the company's visualization, virtual production and content creation services in the cloud.

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Virtual production studios Dimension Studio will work with Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Arch Platform Technologies to scale the company's global visualization, virtual production and content creation services efficiently in the cloud.

Dimension has chosen AWS as its cloud provider to scale virtual production workflows in the cloud, combined with the Arch platform to handle the orchestration of its virtual desktop infrastructure, storage and real-time capabilities.

Last month, DNEG launched a new division, DNEG 360, which is operated by Dimension. This division collaborates with Apple, Sony Pictures, Amazon MGM Studios, Netflix, and others on virtual production for film and episodic projects. Dimension and DNEG 360 operate two of the world's largest LED volumes, alongside performance, vehicle and volumetric capture stages, and build custom studio setups around the world.

Callum Macmillan, CTO of Dimension and DNEG 360, said, "As our business becomes more global, the AWS Cloud and the Arch platform empower our business to adapt rapidly to changing business demands. It is imperative to our business that we can work with talent around the world. With AWS's global footprint and Arch's infrastructure platform, we can collaborate remotely with filmmakers who are using real-time tools to block out scenes. Our team can work across multiple locations on shared assets, in conjunction with demanding virtual production environments."

Dimension uses a number of AWS services that support the company's compute, storage and remote workstation needs. The company also uses AWS Deadline Cloud to support cloud-based render pipelines.

Earlier this year, Dimension and DNEG 360 collaborated with AWS for ‘Cowgirls on the Moon’, a demo to show the possibilities of generative AI-assisted virtual production, VFX rendering in the cloud using AWS Deadline Cloud, and a complete production in the cloud.

Using Arch's platform, the team has the resources to create and deploy secure global VPC facilities and a series of customised cloud workstations in a very short time. Arch also supports on-premises resources. The system is scalable with variable cost.

With Arch, the Dimension team can manage creative workflows across global locations via a single portal. This includes the ability to create high-performance virtual private cloud facilities to support hybrid remote and office collaboration, running on AWS's reach and advanced performance infrastructure.

Dimension and DNEG 360 are deploying Arch for their forthcoming slate of independent films, including the recently announced HUMANOID (Cambridge Picture Company), 2040 and Campbelltown '69 (both Virtual Circle).