Nyriad and DigitalGlue have aligned to improve the performance, resilience and efficiency of media production workflows, while removing and simplifying complex IT-centric tasks.

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Nyriad and DigitalGlue have worked together to improve the performance, resilience and efficiency of media production workflows, at the same time removing and simplifying complex IT-centric tasks, resulting in a better user experience for creatives and contributors. The goal is a system that helps optimise resources and avoid costly delays in post-production, to deliver content on time and on budget. 

Nyriad’s UltraIO data storage system is able to access the processing power of GPUs and uses its proprietary algorithms to enhance robustness and efficiency. It supports block, file and object data types in a single system, which makes the system flexible enough to consolidate storage and extend the system, as needed. It also runs on industry-standard hardware, which means the system’s capabilities can improve as new options become available.

The purpose of DigitalGlue’s creative.space platform is to make enterprise storage simpler to use and manage without relying on specialised knowledge or a dedicated IT department. Functionality includes shared spaces, access control, monitoring and analysis, remote access and other features. By combining the two products, the companies intend creatives and contributors to be able to deploy, manage and elastically scale production workflows more effectively.

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Regarding performance, the combined platform can achieve high read and write bandwidth capabilities, which prevents storage from becoming a bottleneck. Instead, artists can invest their efforts in the quality of their content. Editing inline, without the need to copy data between file systems or create lower resolution proxies, can save many hours of wait time and reduce the number of files to manage.

Resilience comes from the UltraIO system’s ability to withstand up to 20 drives failing simultaneously – with no data loss – while maintaining 95% of its maximum throughput, which allows teams to work uninterrupted. Matching this functionality to the proactive support from creative.space and Nyriad, the combination allows customers a level a peace of mind that their data and workloads are protected while not compromising the performance required.

UltraIO storage allows an organisation to use up to 90% of the raw capacity deployed in the environment, a level of efficiency that is not often available in storage hardware today. Tools available in the creative.space software suite reduce operational and management overhead. By reducing the amount of raw capacity needed to purchase, UltraIO’s platform also reduces the energy consumption of storage compared to other platforms of similar performance and capacity.  

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The combination of creative.space and the UltraIO storage platform has been developed for ease of use and management, deploying into customers’ environments without needing to refresh or replace existing equipment. The combined system creates opportunities for simpler operations and flexibility by consolidating many production tasks, such as rendering, streaming, non-linear editing, content ingest and active archive, among others, into the one platform.   www.nyriad.io