The Panthers video team run a shared EditShare EFS300 storage system, linked and synced to a cloud implementation on AWS with FLEX software supporting a remote editorial team.

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Florida Panthers, the NHL ice hockey team based in the Greater Miami area, has a rapidly growing video department, which creates and delivers content for in-house screens and scoreboards, and for various types of fan engagement online and through the team’s custom app.

Until recently, the Panthers had been using improvised storage for video content, combined with consumer tools for file transfers. Recent successes for the Panthers – including a Stanley Cup final place in 2023 – meant demand for content expanded dramatically, and a more fluid, secure workflow was required. It needed to support remote staff – four producers/editors creating content at home and on the road – a motion graphics workshop charged with making engaging content for the scoreboard, and the team’s relationship with the Bally Sports Network, its broadcast partner.

With consultation from the sales engineers at 76 Media Systems, the Panthers developed a shared storage system based on an EditShare 256TB EFS300 storage appliance. This system is installed at the team’s home stadium, the Amerant Bank Arena in Sunrise, Florida, west of Fort Lauderdale.

The EFS 300 hardware is very scalable, allowing the Panthers to start small, with the potential to add up to an extra seven nodes in a single namespace, reaching a capacity of over a petabyte. Drives of different sizes can occupy the same workspace. FLOW media management software is included.

Hybrid System

The on-premises storage network is linked and synchronised to an EditShare cloud implementation. As well as adding content redundancy, the hybrid on-premises/cloud architecture allows camera teams travelling with the Panthers to upload content via VPN while on the road, making it immediately available for post and delivery, as well as securing it. The ability to edit remotely has made a real difference to the team’s connection with fans.

EditShare FLEX Panthers

Managing workstations in the cloud with FLEX.

Dennis Docil, Senior Director of Content Services for the Florida Panthers, remarked that having tools like FLOW workflow and asset management and FLEX cloud synchronisation as core parts of the new set-up, make the system straightforward to implement, as well as to use.

“Before coming back to the Panthers I worked for Ion Media Networks, one of the first users of EditShare,” Dennis said. “When the Panthers were looking for a system and we explored the market, EditShare seemed to be the most user friendly for what we needed it to do. It gave us the smooth, efficient workflows we need to keep on top of our workloads, which were increasing rapidly. EditShare’s price was also more attractive than the competition – it included all of the extra software components we needed to manage content and synchronise our work through the cloud.”

Software-Defined Storage

The FLEX software-defined storage layer exists on Amazon Web Services (AWS), and adapts to changing demands by optimising the balance between cost and performance. It runs as a single AWS storage node, while the Panthers can scale bandwidth and storage as required to accommodate game day pressure.

FLEX looks after secure synchronisation of content and progress, which allows editorial staff work from outside locations on virtual workstations, controlled from the desktop using standard remote access software such as Teradici. This set-up creates an open hosting environment for editing applications.

Asset Management

FLOW, the asset management layer, serves as the workflow environment for the storage and includes tight integration with most types of NLE software, as well as tools for ingest, indexing, management, automation and sharing video across workgroups.

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The ability to support large numbers of streams at game time is vital for this sports application. As well as feeding the scoreboard and all the video screens around the arena the, EFS300 system is also ingesting live content from eight cameras, plus live coverage and additional shots from Bally Sports Network.

A lot of material is generated for fan engagement and distributed via the website and app. The Panthers also have a large retail shop alongside the new practice facility in Fort Lauderdale, where multiple screens create interest and excitement around the team and players that drives sales of merchandise.