Perifery’s Object Matrix now integrates with pixitmedia ngenea to expand automation options in media workflows, for instant, secure data backup and access to nearline and online storage.

Pixit Powerful search

Perifery’s object storage platform Object Matrix now integrates with ngenea, a collaboration and data orchestration system from pixitmedia. The partnership expands the automation capabilities in media workflows, in particular, for instant, secure data backup and access to nearline and online storage.

pixitmedia specializes in software-defined storage and data management for media and entertainment (M&E). M&E organisations use its ngenea system to simplify their separate workflow, data and infrastructure environments, without compromising performance over time. ngenea places existing file, cloud and object storage in a global namespace with a single view of the data, and meanwhile retains the full path and filename.

With integrated search capabilities, users and applications can find, read and access migrated data directly across distinct storage tiers – within the ngenea workflow. Data is quickly and securely transported to and from globally distributed cloud, object storage, NAS files and tape resources – into the appropriate resource as defined by the user.

Built on object-based storage technology, Object Matrix’s purpose is to allow secure access to all archive content from anywhere, aiming for greater efficiency and digital content governance with support for media-based workflows. Due to Perifery’s partnerships with developers such as Avid and Adobe, and wide network of technical partners, Object Matrix supports random access to large media files, is compatible with both object and filesystem access, and can extract metadata directly from within the storage system.

Pixit data manage

Its integration with ngenea makes it possible to move data directly and automatically from the pixstor file system tiers to Object Matrix. In effect, users can set up entirely automated archive workflows between systems.

Included in the integration is Perifery’s web-based media and metadata management application, Vision, as a further access route to stored assets. Users can use its web-based digital asset browser to quickly find, view and share media assets from any storage, at any time.

Joe Putti, Vice President Product Management at pixitmedia, commented, “Object Matrix aligns with our shared vision of ensuring media organisations have complete ownership and control of their data, wherever it resides. This collaboration enhances our customers' media workflows, empowering them to unlock creative potential.”

Mark Habberfield, Senior Solutions Architect at Perifery, said, “Object Matrix is designed to work with other systems to create a collaborative environment that opens new possibilities for content creators. We’re pleased to see this integration with pixitmedia already deployed at major studios.”